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this factor will also cause the search engine to your site K. The webmaster do website optimization, will go to some blog forums outside the chain, but many owners do not understand the novice chain skills, but to blind the hair of the chain, and even some people go to the mass of the chain, the chain and blind group chain may lead to the site was K. For example, your website is the core keywords "Nanjing Shanghai dragon", then please don’t send in the chain of the anchor text, always send "Nanjing Shanghai dragon" the anchor text, because of the single anchor text point to the home page search engine will think you are deliberately cheating, which caused by K, causing irreparable situation.

core keywords on the web site title, do not carry out keyword stuffing. Because the keyword stuffing is the black cap for Shanghai dragon "



sites are a strong warm, first to do what, oneself are not specific planning on the theme of the site content. For example, if you do the import and export of foreign trade website, a few months ranking did not come up, you can’t resist, quickly put the website into a novel what the station. This website is a Dutch act like behavior. Once the website, search engine will be on your site before the information weight rankings are cleared, then the new website content after the revision. But if the domain name revision within a year more than three times, the search engine will think you this station is not reliable, not suitable for the user experience, so your site K off. So, if the site is K, first ask yourself website recently there is no revision.

single anchor text page

often change the title


website that a novice webmaster said, in the site, there is no specific plan in the station. Many beginners do not understand skills station optimization method, resulting in some webmasters often change the title. Change the meaning of the title is often changed web page title title or keyword. If you don’t know how to choose the core key words, do not let the search engines, he learned how to select core keywords to submit included too late to understand, eat hot tofu. Once a good selection of their core keywords do not often change it, if you intend to live for the long-term leadership of the company to force you to change, then you’d better one-time change completely, although power will lead to the site, but as long as not too much, time will let you rank back again. If you often change the title, then the search engine will put your site K off.

Shanghai Longfeng practitioners have their own website, is a shit a urine hard to do it. In the optimization of the web site, if one day your site is K do? Shanghai dragon play is the mentality, believe that read this website is how to deal with K skills and methods, you will encounter site is K things wouldn’t be so confused.


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