These factors will determine your website should adopt what kind of strategy and means of Shanghai D

these belong to the site itself.

for a long time do SEO practitioners are clear: Shanghai dragon and any other things are the same, are in need of specific problems and specific analysis, there is not a truth everywhere. Why? Because there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge can be seen on the Internet, books, Shanghai dragon training institutions, this knowledge is almost as not for you to solve any website optimization problem. Some owners may think: "I can follow the online method to operate, will certainly have the effect". But you need to know: the specific circumstances of each site each, when faced with a particular website, we need to make a concrete analysis of concrete problems, which is not in accordance with the optimization method for the Internet, can not be blindly applied to other sites. As the Shanghai dragon as a diagnostic proposal, only for a web site, other sites for execution is certainly not

on the site itself, we must consider these questions: the website is large or small, the content is original or reproduced only, web application is open or the design of their own design or network company, product classification, how many can make the site as flat or do not make a site flat, or the number of products very much and so on.


: a website about what Shanghai Longfeng strategies and methods, there are some factors to decide, if these factors are fix, then everything smoothly done or easily solved. Of course, this is also for most of the webmaster want to know, after all there are many websites without professional talents in Shanghai dragon. Then, A5 marketing to the webmaster about the recommendations are as follows:

, a website itself



talked about this issue today? There is a reason, a webmaster to come to consult the A5 marketing of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis last week, which has asked such a question: "we are the web game website, has just started to contact the Shanghai dragon, but do not know what the Shanghai dragon strategy and means. Before in online learning some knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng, also saw some of Shanghai dragon books, but I think this is not enough, but also find Daniel analysis optimization model of other gaming websites and apply on our website, just after optimization, nothing effect". On this issue, A5 marketing can give a detailed answer, but gave the webmaster some timeliness recommendations, later he also became our customers, website weight is very high now. Of course, if you encounter the same problem with him, by the official A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/) to do a detailed proposal on the website, the website specifically for the optimization proposal, that will help to the website development.


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