Millet and Sogou gay Why millet routing with Sogou prefetch engine

router with strong competitiveness in the price, function is not too obvious originality, alternative market similar products, the very route, a small degree of routing, 360 secure routing, as well as the upcoming Tmall magic tube, coupled with the traditional router market many brands, the market competition is fierce millet, routers need a function to unique with other routing products segment.

route 360 main security card, the main card for millet quickly, however, the performance of router manufacturers the gap is not very obvious, what is the way to further improve the millet routing speed? This time, Sogou appeared.

is worth mentioning, but Lei Jun Department of cheetah browser Sogou browser is one of the main competitors, millet why use Sogou technology instead of the cheetah? "

you know, now equipped with pre Sogou in Millet route from the engine is the core of Sogou browser not yet publicly released breakthrough technology, with accurate prediction, early loading, three seconds to open a web page of the official description function in the web browsing speed has risen greatly, can save half page load waiting time. Second page. This is the main function of the upcoming Sogou high-speed browser in V5.0, has now lent one of the millet millet router

millet mobile phone behind the popularity, in addition to its price as a selling point to the hardware, the MIUI system is a very important factor. MIUI is a Android system in relatively good use of the system, hardware configuration again good also need to show it through the software, hardware and software can really play with high quality performance of smart products. In the router market is the same reason.

In addition to millet as a selling point?

from the time, Lei last birthday is December 16th, in addition to Qiu Baijun, Fu Sheng, Zhang Xuanlong etc. These Jinshan big brother, Wang Xiaochuan was also in Lei Jun’s birthday. While millet is followed in December 19th officially on sale the first 500

Router beta

out of the millet routing raise a Babel of criticism of yesterday, finally officially unveiled. In the hardware, millet still insist on have a fever level configuration, but this router and mobile phone are very different, the hardware configuration and industrial design is not only the key, only fancier care about that, millet routing is to sell the public, public care is just good or not, how to speed Internet experience.

however, the router market, millet MIUI system has cited that proud useless, the millet routing in addition to hardware configuration and low price and selling what? In the domestic uneven network environment, how to make public users feel super strong performance of millet millet routing? My own technology accumulation is expected not so, need strong technical support of foreign aid.

engineering machine, so it is easy to produce birthday, Lei Jun has interacted with Wang Xiaochuan about the upcoming millet router.

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