To investigate the adverse effects of Shanghai share love brush thumb will cause to your site

looking for someone to love Shanghai little finger brush share number this strategy looks very attractive, even if we are not sure of its influence on the site of Shanghai dragon, but in the search results in the little thumb on the share number really can attract visitors effect. But the theme of this paper is not to say it, I want to say is not easy to brush this value, because it has a certain impact on our site, either from a perspective of a search engine or the user friendly experience perspective.

three: brush will share number influence analysis of

search engine operation guidelines itself is constantly improving the quality of Shanghai dragon, to provide visitors more valuable information, and it hopes that all sites can follow the rules of the game. As the largest search engine in Shanghai launched the love sharing tools the intention is to provide them a more valuable search results. We assume that it has some effect on our rankings, and you use the brush method to provide this value, this behavior is tantamount to buy links, your site will likely face search engine punishment.

two: Brush love Shanghai share number tantamount to a strategy of

love Shanghai to share the little finger has another intuitive function that we can be analyzed by a page number > Share



for this I have to assume that our ranking of search results to a certain extent, so the influence factors may be like Google, the share of the number of times as a signal level. If you use the method to improve the index of the brush, then share the information content of this page you can not is some low quality trumpet. This is tantamount to spam, to rank your site will not have what effect, it will instead of the site’s long-term operation as a disadvantage.

‘s own data After

: your site will be punished by a search engine

spamming information

in the largest search engine love Shanghai launched their own sharing tools to share love Shanghai, in the web industry set off a boom in Shanghai love add share button, although there is no exact information on the site of the Shanghai dragon help, but many owners are convinced that the number of keywords that will affect the share to the site’s ranking. In the author’s point of view, love the sea has always been a certain bias in their own products, but because the launch time is not long, but also time to verify the specific effect. But I also found a phenomenon that is currently on the Internet, there have been a lot of brush the share number information. As shown below, the author slightly searched, found that there are a lot of people provide this service. And there is demand supply.

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