To the chain will eventually lost youth

global Chinese community rankings ranked first! Was selected one of main chain promotion platform, because of its powerful user resource group, n related topics Post Bar. And interactive, update soon, every time to leave the chain in a hot topic in a lot of people will click.

once, the chain for the emperor; once, we can do all the chain; once, give you one hundred thousand of the chain, the website can easily have love Shanghai superior ranking… Once, the chain had a glorious youth, the chain had an irreplaceable position, the chain is a shortcut to quick site ranking! But now, the continuous adjustment of Shanghai love to update, the chain has vanished, the role of the chain is weakened constantly, even by the majority of owners abandoned. "To the chain will eventually lost youth" to the webmaster, we had had

network favorites form more convenient, and very stable, and is a one-way link. For example, music search network favorites, love Shanghai collection, YAHOO collection, QQ bookmark, Cape of Good Hope and other well-known platform.

The chain

and a simple chain, independent blog message can be generated between the anchor text chain. The first is not required to register, you can direct message, moreover can blogger and interact effectively with other webmasters to build your links, improve visibility. When the chain blog in the form of a day can easily do hundreds of.

, a chain of

this is the most convenient way to a chain, do the anchor text or text links in the BBS signature, are displayed in the post, replies. At that time, mainly in A5, Chinaz, why, tui18 etc. Shanghai Longfeng forum is the preferred platform, but also because the weight is high, included fast.

quiz title is perhaps the most affected by the love for the user, this is the most user search habits. Love Shanghai know ranking beyond the n enterprise station, so when we choose to love Shanghai know the chain promotion platform. The first is the question in the title to stay outside the chain, increase exposure; second is the answer for web content, the user can click on the third; questioning the content to stay outside the chain, can also link to your target site.

The chain is in the Sina know love


become fashionable for a time in those years

3. video chain

5. Shanghai

video, potatoes, Youku, 56, Sohu and other major video sites to upload videos and add the chain, usually by adding the site title, or description is added in the video, you can also add a watermark in the video chain. No matter whether the related video length, the theme of love, Shanghai will be included, but also some people share, reprint.

1. blog

2. network favorites

4.bbs signature chain

! Post Bar love Shanghai

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