Love Shanghai search shows some experience of website CO con

1, yet no channel for. That is to say whether your website is well-known, and the audience is the way how much traffic there is no way for ICO icon display.

3, standard internal regulations by love Shanghai. We often say that is the default.

2 icons in the ICO website is love Shanghai internal automatic mining, the actual range is very small, the scope of mining will extend slowly behind. Is the love of Shanghai has its own set of rules, without any external interference. But other sites still have a chance to be selected and displayed.

is the abbreviation of file Icon ICO Icon: for the website administrator, website ICO icon more accurately should be called., is one of the symbols behind the website LOGO. ICO icon design and high quality to make it easier for site to obtain a good user experience. ICO icon tool even though there are many, but to make a beautiful ICO icon, is not an easy thing. Coincidentally, even if you have a nice ICO icon, want to show him the search engine will be very difficult.

was busy, no time to talk to the Internet website, the weekend accidentally in love Shanghai search computer technology, was surprised to find love Shanghai search results, even the ICO small icon, the author is very glad, but pessimism is not recovered after correcting weight or /p>! "

At present,

4, not only improve the user search fees, a measure of experience. This is very important, increase the user experience, to meet.

above is a display of the ICO icon icon, some ugly! You don’t blame! Some people will say, modify the line is not it? No, I carefully check and found that the icon has been in love with the sea index to love Shanghai library, here is the icon address 贵族宝贝picache.baidu贵族宝贝/media? Wd=CDA79D2E8563D8F5C0BE992128D3F9A731AB79C901D3B50C99B0D59F7437DC333FF39A5EB7A36EB5A9AD9C44E89886A9& src=local://spider/favicon/site_www.dnjsb贵族宝贝.png& def=local://neverfill ugly ugly, but out of


is a good thing!I have the

here to share some optimization experience, of course, in accordance with the method may not be able to ICO, or to see the mood to love Shanghai! I query the article sums up some problems about ICO display:

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