Love the whole industry of Shanghai storm invasion what miserable escape down the right site

so sure Shanghai has now started small K station? Because in the two or three Monday straight stationmaster to come to consult our website, and are accompanied by mild and severe drop right. Moreover, love Shanghai webmaster forum also some webmaster released by love Shanghai down the right post for help. In addition, the survey found in the webmaster group, many sites have appeared index >

, the author has told Shanghai will be released in mid May in accordance with the "search quality white paper, and in the second half of the low quality sites were severely punished, and the love of Shanghai is likely to search for" earthquake "beyond the large-scale 2012.6.28 K event. But what happened from the current non conventional phenomenon seems to be realistic, such as love, sea index keywords ranking, website traffic and the website weight is not normal, just a little a bit careful webmaster can see the love of Shanghai has begun to implement the strategy of "search quality white paper. So, what happened in June, is the first to say. Of course, this is only for the love of Shanghai low quality website deweight, if your site is high quality, not only will this love Shanghai processing promotion.

say more are tears, blame the low quality sites now than high quality Internet sites, causing a flood of garbage, resulting in the love of Shanghai had to purify the user to search without experience without the help of the site, so love Shanghai for ourselves but also for users, decided to low quality websites blocked, the Internet is also a quiet. Of course, maybe some webmaster do not believe this I say these. However, the author said in May Shanghai will love the large-scale K station is a rainy day, webmasters may not how to care about this matter, because no love before Shanghai K station. So, here I want to say is: love Shanghai in June will drop right on some low quality sites, only a matter of time before, but now the love of Shanghai seems to have started, so the future can last only love and high quality of the site in Shanghai. Therefore, only one opportunity to enjoy the future webmaster to grasp now, as soon as possible on the website of Shanghai dragon to find and improve the diagnosis of defects, the quality of search and user side show.

for the webmaster, in June after Shanghai love search engine is not normal, one is love, a sea index slumped on flow rate, rank and weight part of the site crash. In fact, I do not say, I believe some owners also found the recent love Shanghai is a small range of one after another, giving the right down on the low quality of the whole industry site, although the scope of the present right down is not too big, but have some site is down the right of the owners have not descended, not sad the right of the owners frightened. So, from the current drop right phenomenon of small range can be seen: the quality strategy has come into effect in mid May white paper love Shanghai released a web search, and are "erosion" in the whole industry of low quality junk


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